DROPPYS 190 ml / 85 g
DROPPYS 190 ml / 85 g

DROPPYS 190 ml / 85 g

Aquatic Nature


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Our acclimatization center's advise :

Droppys Bottom Fish Food is a food especially developed for all bottom fish such as plecos, botias, corydoras and labeos.

This receipt, a well balanced amount of vegetal and animal proteins, increases resistance and stimulates growth.

A high amount of spirulina stimulates all visible natural colours
Enriched with trace elements, easy to digest
Feed several times a day in small quantities
Droppys Bottom Fish Food does not cloud or pollute the water
Not for human consumption

Composition :
Cereal grains and by-products, oil seeds and by-products (with Genetically modified soja), fish and by-products, alg “spirulina”, minerals.

Analytical constituents :
Crude protein 40% – Crude oils and fats 4% – crude fibres 4% – Crude ash 15% – Moisture 9 %

Additives :
Vitamins and pro-vitamins : A (E672): 13.500 IU/kg * D3 (E671): 2300 IU/kg * E: 1060 mg/kg * B2: 100 mg/kg * C: 475 mg/kg * B3: 290 mg/kg * B1: 68 mg/kg

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