50 year expertise


Masterfisch works together with an internationally-renowned acclimatization center which benefits from extensive know-how in importation, acclimatization and distribution of exotic fish for over 50 years. The acclimatization center holds one of the biggest marine facilities in Europe and has over 1500 aquariums, including a 25000 liter tank. A team of 20 passionate experts acclimatize, feed and take care of animals on a daily basis.

Choice and quality


Selecting ‘the right fish from the right country’ is part of the rigor Masterfisch imposes in order to guarantee the highest quality to its customers. Every week, several arrivals from Hawaii, Australia, the Red Sea, Indonesia, the Caribbean, Srilanka and even Kenya, are receptioned by the acclimatization center which imports from more than 25 different countries world-wide. At the same time since 2007, the center has reinforced its investments into reproduction and breeding of marine fish and corals.

Environmentally conscious ethics


Aware of environmental degradation, Masterfisch and its partner acclimatization center make respect for aquatic species and their environment a top priority. From animal selection to delivery at your door, as well local partner selection, transport and acclimatization, every step is performed with the utmost care and according to strict processes. We take pride in applying this same ethic in everything we do: from our relations with suppliers, colleagues and customers. The same spirit applies to current legislation and norms, we are attached to always abide in strict right and respect. We are committed and rely on the Washington Convention for species subject to CITES. Besides, the acclimatization center is member of OFI (Ornamental Fish International), a world-renowned organization whose goal is to survey and control the respect and well-being of aquatic species destined to aquariums.