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Where do animals come from?

All animals available in the website Masterfisch, wild or bred, come from breeding farms and exporters who have been cautiously selected through strict specifications. Besides the health and quality of the animal, the work and environmental ethics provided by our suppliers are of the utmost importance. Animals’ well-being is the fundamental basis in the relations we keep with all of our suppliers.

How are animals fed?

Each animal is carefully fed by the team at the acclimatization center with food corresponding to the eating habits of each species. For the most part they are fed individually according to their size and specific behavior. The team at the acclimatization center uses AQUAFOREST food which they consider top-notch for an appropriate nourishment.

What is a Coral Selfie?

A Coral Selfie is an animal which has been especially photographed. Each Coral Selfie is unique and the picture depicts the animal which will be sent to you.

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How Masterfisch website works
When is the website updated?

The website is completely updated twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays, adding new available animals after their acclimatization. Weekend special offers are active from Friday to Monday. Other special offers are presented throughout the week.

Where can I enter my discount code?

Voucher numbers as well as gift cards codes must be entered in your basket in the space reserved for this. This space will appear before finalizing your order.

Why should I provide a telephone number?

Always thinking about animal’s well-being as our top priority we put everything in place to ensure their route to you is as smooth as possible. In that regard, the Masterfisch team will systematically contact you prior to shipping your order so a delivery date can be fixed. The phone number must also be passed on to our courier so in case of emergency, an unexpected event or your absence at time of delivery they can contact you.

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Customer service
Can I order by telephone or email?

Orders must be placed via our website once you have signed up as new customer. It is not possible to place orders by telephone or email. However, we can guide you by phone or email to help you place your order in case of need.

What is the reply time to emails?

We try to reply by email within 48hr. Specific enquiries on availability or technical advice, which are treated by the specialists at the acclimatization center can take longer. This in order to provide you a thorough and precise answer.

Can you help me choose animals?

It is difficult to choose an entire population for you due to the large number of possibilities. However, we can guide you and give advice on species’ compatibility. In order to do so, it is important to know the equipment you have, existing population as well as size of your aquarium.

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What payment methods can I use?

We propose the following payment methods: PayPal, credit card (Visa and Mastercard) and bank wire. Should you make a bank transfer, we will only be able to reserve your animals once payment has been received.

Where can I find the bank details in order to make a wire transfer?

Once your order is finalized with bank wire method, you will receive an email with the complete bank details to make your transfer. When making the payment please indicate your order number in the title of the transaction.

I get an error message when making the payment, what should I do?

The Masterfisch website uses an enhanced security system for online payment. Should the system inform you of a payment error via PayPal or bank transfer, please contact us by telephone so we can solve the issue.

My order
How much are freight costs?

Animals travel in specific conditions, in a protected, isolated packaging. They are transported by specially authorized courier for livestock. Masterfisch charges £35 per order under £90 and only £20 per order between £90 and £140. For orders over £140 transport fee is free.

When will my order be shipped?

Your order is usually delivered within 7 working days after payment reception. We will systematically contact you prior to shipping in order to arrange for the delivery date which suits you best. However, the technical team at the acclimatization center reserves the right to not ship an animal should they have the slightest doubt (stress, possible sickness…) at the time of preparing them for their journey to you. In that case, it would be possible to modify your order. We will assist you in choosing a similar animal or another fish compatible with your existing population.

I placed several orders, how will they be shipped?

If you have placed several orders, they will be grouped and shipped together as long as possible. We will take into account the global amount of your order and refund the difference whenever applicable.

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Packing and delivery
The animals I ordered, how will they travel?

The utmost care is taken when preparing animals for shipping so they can travel in the best possible conditions all the way to you. Their plastic bag filled with water and oxygen is carefully placed in a special package designed to avoid temperature variations. A survival blanket envelops the bags and heat packs are added during winter time and cold-temperature periods.

It is winter time and it is cold, can animals still travel all the way to me?

The acclimatization center benefits from international recognition for its know-how in the preparation and shipment of tropical fish throughout Europe, even during strong winter periods all the way to Sweden and Finland. The packaging in which animals travel is especially designed to avoid temperature variations: polystyrene expanded graphite box, survival blanket, heat packs and a thick waterproof cardboard. Masterfisch is capable of satisfying its customers by any time.

How and by whom will the animals be routed to me?

Animals are exclusively delivered by courier certified for transport of ornamental fish. Masterfisch works hand-in-hand with UPS.

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Reception of my order
The water seems a bit cold, what should I do?

During low temperature periods the acclimatization center takes all necessary precautions to maintain an ideal temperature in the parcel (survival blanket, heat packs…). However, a drop in temperature during transport is possible. It is important to proceed with a slow acclimatization for your animals (about 45 minutes) using drop-by-drop technique as described in the acclimatization protocol provided in the box.

An animal has arrived tired or unfortunately has died, what can I do?

If you consider your animal has arrived tired, do not hesitate to contact us immediately by telephone so we can guide you through the acclimatization and possible healing treatment. We guarantee all our animals delivered to you. Should one of them died, we will proceed to a full refund upon presentation of a picture of the animal in the sealed plastic bag.

How do I acclimatize the animals I just received?

We suggest a drop-by-drop acclimatization. You will find, together with your invoice, the description of the protocol and the steps to follow. You can also see it online at the following link : ACCLIMATIZATION Protocol