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Our UK Team

Over 40 years experience in the field of fishkeeping

We own over 40 years experience in the acclimatization and sale of animals in the fishkeeping industry. Our team of over 20 passionate experts take care and prepare the animals in a professional way, from import to expedition to our customers.


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The acclimatization center

Masterfisch works with a world-renowned acclimatization center that benefits from a vast experience in importation, acclimatization and distribution of exotic fishes in Switzerland.

One of the biggest marine facilities in Europe as well as performing logistics allow us to permanently offer the largest selection of tropical fish, invertebrates, corals…

A team of 20 passionate experts acclimatize and take care of animals up to their delivery at your home by a certified courier.


Over 2000 references


Freshwater fishes, marine fishes, invertebrates, corals or live rock: you will find in our shop everything you need to bring your aquarium to life and make it even more attractive. With over 2000 references in our online-shop, we offer one of the largest choice of tropical and marine aquarium animals available online for private customers.

Marine aquarium:

- Fishes: surgeonfishes, butterflyfishes, angelfishes, damselfishes, clownfishes, wrasses ,triggerfishes, serranus basses, eleotridae , cardinalfishes and spadefishes, boxfishes/cowfishes and pufferfishes/globefishes, sweetlips/grunts, goatfishes and croaker, rabbitfishes/foxfaces, pipefishes, moray eels, blennies and gobies, other fishes, seahorses (breeded), breeding frogfishes, hawkfishes.

- Corals and anemones: stone corals, soft corals, sea anemones and zoanthids.

- Invertebrates: crustaceans, molluscs, echinoderms and worms, gorgonian and sponges.
Soon you can order from us also living stones and giant clams.

 Freshwater Aquarium:

- Fishes: characidae, bottom dwellers, loricariidae, killifish, labyrinthfish, barbinae, rainbowfish, coldwater fish, American cichlids, Malawi cichlids, Tanganyika cichlids, Lake Victoria cichlids, other African cichlids, livebearers, Scalar, discus, other fishes.

- Invertebrates.


Attractive prices while keeping strong quality and service

With our range of creatures for your aquarium we offer particularly favorable terms. Since we directly import or breed our creatures we are able to offer attractive prices without quality and service loss.


Conservation and sustainability

CITES: Most coral species are protected by law because of the increasing risk in Appendix B of the CITES Convention and CITES (see convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora).

For all protected species, you will get a CITES certificate of origin. Only with this evidence you can prove the legal ownership of your corals.

Breeding: We promote the breeding of saltwater aquarium fishes and corals and we are constantly investing in this area, to breed new fish species. On masterfisch.en we do not sell genetic modified species.

OFI: We are a member of the Ornamental Fish International (OFI) trade association. The OFI is an international trade association in the field of marine hobby with the aim to maintain the highest possible standards of animal welfare.