Lyretail Anthias (Maldive)
Lyretail Anthias (Maldive)

Lyretail Anthias (Maldive)

Pseudanthias Squamipinnis


  • 3-3,5 cm
  • 4-8 cm
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Beautiful fish with live color varying from orange to pink, with a yellow fin. All Pseudanthias squamipinnis are born female then some of them will, during their growth, become male. We advise to introduce it per trio in order for a hierarchy to be established so, a dominant individual emerges and transforms into male. Relationships with other inhabitants are excellent. Sensitive to harsh salinity variations, this fish needs a very good water quality and circulation. A regular and quality feeding is also important. It will easily accept what is offered but, it is mandatory it is fed several times a day with mysis, artemia or pellets.

Data sheet

Water typeSaltwater
Aquarium typeReef
Light intensityStrong
NamePseudanthias Squamipinnis
Social behaviourGroup

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